Deep Waters

The Difference between Christianity & Cults

August 02, 2023 Kenneth Shelton Season 13 Episode 25
Deep Waters
The Difference between Christianity & Cults
Show Notes

I guess right out da gate we should define what a cult is. I will not necessarily define Christianity because yall should know it basically means Christ In Me. No other religion declares such a statement of truth or offers salvation resulting in forgiveness of sins and a wonderful future spent with God in a new heaven and on a new earth.  

1.    D-Com Cult : a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

 So that’s a big help right? If I said devils and angels I believe it would have been a little more help, yes even without context. Well, lets go to Google and see if we can do better:

1.     Google Cult: One not recognized as an established religion. And all of the angels and devils stand up and shout nope not a complete def man.

OK so well perhaps I can try and shed some light on this misunderstood mystery. Of course Hollywood and the movie industry does not help with the situation at all when you consider the amount of movie mis-information that is gurgitized by the watching public. 

Now if you have ever been a member or inquiring mind of any of the following religions that I will be sharing today, then hopefully you come away with understanding that you have some options. Now when I say options, I mean that you come to understand that Jesus Christ is the only God person to do what He did, so any other religion that doesn’t have that going for it, is out of contention, or should be out of contention for your attention and soul. 

Now there are other more crafty religions that, instead of out-and-out rejecting the entire truth of the bible, they either take parts out and put other parts in, mixing it with the other spiritually considered thought-oh-man writings, or we have those who add to the original text, and simply change what the text means, and yet others including some of these that will be mentioned, just writing their own bible. This way they have full control of what goes in and what goes out. And lastly, as I understand lastly, we have the dearly departed who simply wrote their own version of what they believe a holy book is and run with that such as Baha’I World faith or Buddhism. Unfortunately for its followers their sin is left unchecked. That is when they get to heaven with their “I lived a good life and did not believe in you, as the only way to the Father, Jesus baloney, they will stare in His eyes, the eyes of all life and know their mistake, an eternal mistake, and boom-flash, their mind will see all of His attempts to win them to His eternal love and their rejection thereof. 

John 14:6 - Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.