Deep Waters

The Difference Between Judgement, Condemnation, & Conviction

November 15, 2023 Kenneth Shelton Season 14 Episode 1
Deep Waters
The Difference Between Judgement, Condemnation, & Conviction
Show Notes

Now these three, Judgement, Condemnation, & Conviction can be considered train-wrecking power words by our misunderstanding of them. Each has a place in ministry be it making disciples or equipping the saints for the work of ministry or as Timmy states in:

2 Tim 3:16-17 - 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Now if these three are used incorrectly, like a knife, gun, pen or our words, they can inflict such pain as to turn someone away from even the idea of living with a God defined as love. No but imagine what I just said here. They would be so injured inside that they would decide, even if for a moment or week or years, that living in hell apart from all-things God, that this is a better option. And but for the uninjured we could see the absolute ridiculousness in it, but it is not so for the injured. We could even say for the offended. 

This is why I think God dropped this message in my heart. Maybe it’s because I needed to process through it myself. But no one that I am aware of has God precisely dialed in as we ought. 

So the word accusation is a stopgap that someone uses to resist the Holy Spirits work in their lives. Accusation never did raise up a disciple of God but of the other guy. Now you might think this is a strong leap out of the gate but if you find yourself in a defensive posture in every conversation that has to do with your speech and actions, then you are not receiving the help of God but are pushing His love of correction away. Yes, He states rod of correction in one place but then also states in another that He corrects those in whom He loves. And you might say, there you see Ken, all corrections, rebukes, and disciplines should be brought to me like God would bring them to me. And but though this would be ideal, the real issue is not the delivery but your openness to grow and to be a disciple that is willing to change. You either do or don’t period. I know that’s as straight as I can say it, but there are way too many of us playing games, self-assured in our open rebellion against all things God, that He will accept us and our modified version of what it is to be a Christian. Yes, you have to modify your Christianity if you operate from a spirit of accusation. So now we need to D-Com some words so that we know what they mean, not what we think they mean but what they really mean. It’s like knowing what kind of ammo you are using when hunting, and not just grabbing any-ol-thing and launching out into the wilderness. 



  1. a charge of wrongdoing; imputation of guilt or blame.
  2. the specific offense charged:


verb (used with object),im·put·ed, im·put·ing.

  1. to attribute or ascribe
  2. to attribute or ascribe (something discreditable), as to a person.